50 piece LED string christmas light 84705 warm white

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50 piece LED string christmas light 84705 warm white

Product description:

Never change lightbulbs again.   

The LED technology makes it all possible! The LED lights have the advantage that they are impact resistant and absolutely there is no heat generation.This string of lights you can install indoors. Put your own lighting accents in both summer and winter and decorate your home or balcony, garden with your pavilion or the party tent. The design possibilities are limitless.

With this String Lights Save up to 80% energy compared with conventional bulbs! This is the future!

Product details:

Voltage: 230 V / 2,25 W max.

Supply: about 1,5 m

Pears distance: about 15 cm

Total length light string: approx 10,35 m

Important: Close the string does, as long as it is to the power supply in the package. The bulbs of these lights have a power chain bridge, ie a bulb is broken, the function of the remaining is maintained. The bulbs are not interchangeable.

This product is equipped with a Schuko/Gardy ( CEE/7/3) Plug which may not be compatible with your country's plug socket.

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